Montag, 05.05.2014, 15:00 Uhr 

Guided Tour in English

Ausstellungsansicht "Nik Nowak. Echo, GASAG Kunstpreis 2014"

Every first Monday of the month at 3 pm public guided tours in English are given by experienced museum’s guides. The guided tours are included in the entrance fee.

Today: Nik Nowak. Echo. GASAG Art Prize 2014
Nik Nowak (*1981 Mainz) has been awarded the GASAG Art Prize 2014. The sound installation "Echo", which he has developed for the Berlinische Galerie, actively involves visitors to the museum. It explores shifts in the meaning of private and public in an age when digital networking is all around us. An artistic deployment of autonomous robot drones raises questions about the implications of new technologies and the cross-overs between day-to-day and military applications.

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