Monday, 02.06.2014, 15:00

Guided Tour in English

Dorothy Iannone, The Next Great Moment In History Is Ours, 1970, Courtesy die Künstlerin, Air de Paris, Paris, und Peres Projects, Berlin, Foto: Joachim Littkemann

Every first Monday of the month at 3 pm public guided tours in English are given by experienced museum’s guides. The guided tours are included in the entrance fee.

Today: Dorothy Iannone. This Sweetness Outside of Time
The American Dorothy Iannone (b. 1933) occupies a distinct place as an artist in the second half of the twentieth century. Her œuvre, which now spans more than fifty years, includes painting and visual narrative, autobiographical texts and films. Since the 1960s she has been seen as a pioneering spirit against censorship and for free love and autonomous female sexuality. She continues to go her own way without compromise, artistically and conceptually.

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June 2014
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