Monday, 01.06.2015, 15:00–16:00

Guided Tour in English: Radically Modern

Dieter Urbach, Marx-Engels-Platz, Blick von Südwesten auf Dom und Fernsehturm, Berlin-Mitte, Bildmontage, 1972, © Dieter Urbach/Berlinische Galerie, Repro: Kai-Annett Becker

Every first Monday of the month at 3 pm public guided tours in English are given by experienced museum’s guides.

Today: Radically Modern – Planning and Construction in 1960s Berlin

Architecture and urban design from the sixties still set their stamp on the Berlin townscape. Many key planning decisions were made in the sixties and some striking buildings were constructed during that period. The Berlinische Galerie presents the first ever comprehensive overview of this architectural heritage in both East and West Berlin. Historical documents, some familiar and others of more recent origin, illustrate political, social and technical visions for developing a city that had suffered severe destruction in previous decades and was then divided by the Wall.

The guided tours are included in the entrance fee.

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