Wednesday, 17.09.2014, 18:00–21:00

Discursive Dinner

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Opening a sphere for temporary activities and structures

Where and how does architecture allow for experiments about how we want to build, shelter and lead our lives if every investment immediately generates the same new rigid structures? What if we don’t just want to use buildings flexibly but to make building itself an experiment?
Cooking together, discussions, input from raumlabor berlin and guests:
Fabrienne Hoelzel, Fabulous Urban (Zürich and Genf, Swiss), Showcase Beat Le Mot and Martin Kaltwasser, arstist (Berlin). 

In German and English.
Place: Küchenmonument in front of Berlinische Galerie.

Admission free. Limited access, reservation required until 10.09.2014:

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September 2014
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