Klara Hobza, "Part 4: Der Totale Horror", 2012, Courtesy Galerie für Landschaftskunst, Hamburg & Soy Capitán, Berlin, VG Bildkunst 2013

Klara Hobza

12×12. Die IBB-Videolounge

Klara Hobza‘s (*1975 in Pilsen/ Czech Republic) long-term project Diving through Europe will be shown from 23.10. until 18.11.2013. Klara Hobza sets herself projects that test the realms of the possible.
Klara Hobza studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich and at Columbia University in New York. Among the venues to have exhibited her work are the Künstlerhaus Bremen, NGBK Berlin, the New York Sculpture Center and Stuttgart Art Museum. In 2010 she was awarded the ars viva prize for visual art. Klara Hobza lives in Berlin.

Diving through Europe, 2012

The long-term project Diving through Europe, on show at the Berlinische Galerie, will carry her through waters from the North to the Black Sea. After a two-year period of training and preparation, she launched her tour outside Rotterdam in March 2012. From there she intends to cross the Rhine, Main, Main-Danube Canal and River Danube, and she expects this project to last 25 to 30 years.
Diving through Europe seems a pretty crazy venture in terms of both geography and time. In this work the artist treats Europe as if it really were a single entity, as she ignores state borders and is guided entirely by topographical features. At the same time, her aspirations are diametrically opposed to those of capitalist society with its performance and efficiency mind set. Her goal is not to complete the course faster or better than anyone else. For her, the appeal lies in the totally open-ended nature of the project and the obstacles that are bound to arise in the years to come. Apart from documenting her progress in short filmic episodes, which resemble a TV or YouTube series in structure, Hobza is especially interested in the oral retelling which takes shape around her project, over which she herself has little influence.

Diving Through Europe
Part 1: Introduction, 2012

Video, colour, sound
02:09 min.

Diving Through Europe
Part 2: The Great Entry, 2012

Video, colour, sound
02:22 min.

Diving Through Europe
Part 3: Europoort, 2012

Video, colour, sound
01:58 min.

Diving Through Europe
Part 4: Der totale Horror, 2012

Video, colour, sound
04:45 min.




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