raumlabor berlin, Küchenmonument, Eine Soziale Skulptur vor dem Museum, Probeaufbau, Berlinische Galerie, 2014, © raumlabor berlin, Foto: Jirka Jansch


A social sculpture outside the Berlinische Galerie

The kitchen is a place for contact and communication. The Küchenmonument is a mobile social sculpture that places the kitchen within the public space. After Liverpool, Duisburg, Utrecht and Venice, the “kitchen monument” is coming to Berlin to expand the Berlinische Galerie into its urban surroundings while the building is closed. This inflated translucent room for temporary communities unfolds like a bubble right outside the museum. The Berlinische Galerie is extending an invitation to four events: discussions of current urban issues, a workshop, cocktails, and community cooking.

raumlabor berlin have been practising their combination of art, architecture and urban intervention since 1999. The Küchenmonument project unites raumlabor berlin with plastique fantastique.

Evening events on 16.04 and 29.04.2015.

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