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raumlabor berlin, Küchenmonument, Eine Soziale Skulptur vor dem Museum, Berlinische Galerie, 2014, © raumlabor berlin, Foto: Amin Akhtar
Thursday, 28.08.2014, 14:30–15:00

Press conference: Küchenmonument

Dr. Thomas Köhler, Director of the Berlinische Galerie, will join raumlabor berlin to introduce the Küchenmonument and the programmed events.
chaise bordelaise, Bordeaux 2009, © raumlaborberlin
Thursday, 28.08.2014, 15:00–21:00

Küchenmonument: Do you think?

Construction workshop using designs from the raumlabor do-it-yourself furniture collection. Followed by cooking and dining together.
Place: Küchenmonument in front of Berlinische Galerie.
Admission free. Limited access, reservation required.
Logo Berlin Art Week 2014
Friday, 12.09.2014, 11:30–13:00

Press Conference: Berlin Art Week

Place: Küchenmonument outside the Berlinische Galerie
More information will be available soon.


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