Thursday, 22.11.2018, 19:00–22:00

World of Noon #3

The salon "World of Noon #3 – On Urbanism and the Cultural Cold War" departs from the city of Berlin and the Cultural Cold War it had been subjected to in the post-war years.

In focus stands the battle of ideologies between East and West that was fought out by means of urban planning and architectural projects. The artist Lene Berg will present a.o. her film "The Man in the Background" on the Congress for Cultural Freedom, founded in Western Europe in 1950. Carola Hein, Professor History of Architecture and Urban Planning at TU-Delft, will talk about the urban design competition "Hauptstadt Berlin" (1957-58) and its counter competition as cultural instruments in Cold War politics. The artist Elian Somers will show her film in progress "A Stone from the Moon – Ecumenopolis" about a world-encompassing city of the future invented by the urban planner Constantinos Doxiadis. Olesia Vitiuk (ZK/U) will present the project “Rethink open-form: 60s / 70s residential areas as settlements for micro-democracies”.

The event ist organised by Welcome to AIR Berlin Alexanderplatz (ABA), a research-focused, artist-run initiative, founded by Susanne Kriemann and Aleksander Komarov in 2009. The focus is on artistic research, collective and experimental knowledge production, and direct engagement with Berlin’s artistic and cultural landscape.

The event will be held in English only. The admission is free.

More information about the programme here.

November 2018