Grete Schröder-Zimmermann

1887 Ribnitz/Mecklenburg – 1955 Berlin

Grete Schröder-Zimmermann arrived at the College of Art and Industry in Breslau to study under Hans Poelzig in 1909. Until 1914, she worked in his studio, where she was involved in projects including a chemicals factory in Luban/Poznan, the Centennial Exhibition in Wroclaw, and designs for a competition for the Royal Opera House in Berlin. From 1925 to 1930, she studied at the University of Technology Charlottenburg, where she later became an assistant to the Chair of Architectural History. After the war, she lectured at the College of Fine Arts in Berlin.
Hans Poelzig’s influence on the architect is evident in Grete Schröder-Zimmermann’s estate. As well as records, books, journals and drawings, the estate includes photographs documenting previously unknown, earlier building projects by Hans Poelzig, dating from his period in Wroclaw. Five sketches by her teacher have also survived.

Material: Drawings, plans, photographs, records, printed works (c. 1000 items)
Donation, 2000.



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