“First International Dada Fair”, Berlin 1920, Exhibition catalogue
“First International Dada Fair”, Berlin 1920, Exhibition catalogue

Collection DADA-Berlin and
Part-Estate of Raoul Hausmann (1886–1971)

Their size and quality make the two estates of Hannah Höch and Raoul Hausmann into an internationally unique collection concerning the Berlin DADA movement. Many archive items document the beginnings of the Dadaist revolt in words and pictures, but also its highlight: the “First International Dada Fair”, shown in Dr. Otto Burchard’s gallery from 1st July to 25th August 1920. 174 works mirroring the ideas of Dadaism were presented, including the collage “Dada Rundschau”, 1919, the so-called “Dada dolls”, 1916/18, by Hannah Höch, and George Grosz’ work ““Daum” marries her pedantic automaton “George” in May 1920, John Heartfield is very glad of it (meta-mech. constr. after Prof. R. Hausmann)”, 1920, all of which belong to the Berlinische Galerie today.

The part-estate of self-titled “Dadasopher” Raoul Hausmann, acquired in 1992, encompasses extensive evidence of his life and work in Berlin before he emigrated in 1933. Letters, texts and documents from this comprehensive legacy, as well as scholarly commentaries have been published in the archive edition “Scharfrichter der bürgerlichen Seele” (Ostfildern 1998).

"First International Dada Fair", Berlin 1920
Exhibition catalogue
Hannah Höch Archive

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