First International Dada Fair”, Berlin 1920, Raoul Hausmann and Hannah Höch in front of their works

Artists' Archives


The artists’ archives are the museum’s written legacy. In these stores of memory, documents from the estates of artists, artist groups, gallery owners and art historians who were active in Berlin are collected, preserved and researched. Beginning around 1900 with art nouveau, the documentary collections range from Herwarth Walden’s ‘Der Sturm’, the ‘November Group’ and Ferdinand Möller’s Gallery to holdings on three-dimensional artists like Naum Gabo, Hans Uhlmann and George Rickey, and finally to the recent past.


The archive holdings on the Berlin Dada movement, comprising the estates of Hanna Höch and Raoul Hausmann, provide a wealth of material that is unique world-wide.

There is also a special focus on those artists who were threatened, persecuted and forced into emigration under National Socialism, like Lotte Laserstein or Issai Kulvianski.



Dr. Ralf Burmeister
Curator of Artists' Archives
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Philip Gorki
Archivist of Artists' Archives