Walter Leistikow, From the Mark, circa 1898
Walter Leistikow, From the Mark, circa 1898

Walter Leistikow (1865 -1908)

From the Mark, circa 1898

Leistikow lived in Berlin from 1883 onwards. As a committed representative of modern art in Germany, he was among the founding members of the oppositional artists’ group “The XI” in 1892. Under his leadership and that of Max Liebermann, this group opposed the regimented exhibition policy of the Academy. He also played a decisive role in the foundation of the Berlin Secession, a fact triggered by the rejection of one of his paintings in 1898. As in this case, the main motif of his paintings is the melancholy landscape of pines and lakes to be found in the Mark Brandenburg around Berlin. Here, the late-impressionist atmosphere of light in his works is embedded into the composition; the visual motif’s considerable degree of stylisation, e.g. the rhythmic pattern of tree trunks in the foreground and the increasing planar abstraction of the landscape itself, begins to point beyond Impressionism.

From the Mark, circa 1898
Oil on canvas
150 x 200 cm
Acquired by the Senate of Berlin

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