Hanns Schimansky, Untitled, 1993
Hanns Schimansky, Untitled, 1993

Hanns Schimansky


Hanns Schimansky is exclusively a draughtsman. Graphite, charcoal, ink and coloured chalks are the artistic means employed for his works, the format of which varies considerably; while some would fit in the palm of a hand, others are as large as a door. Before beginning to draw, he often treats both sides of the paper in some way. The sheet of paper for “Untitled”, dated 1993, has been painted black on the reverse and folded, meaning that the paper is divided into eight oblique rectangles by orthogonal pleats. These represent a discreet basis for the ink drawing. Its centre is accentuated by a horizontal bar. Vertical and diagonal lines join this bar to rough geometric forms, which are cut off by the edges of the paper and thus only partially visible within the picture. Large areas of the sheet - darkened from the reverse - are left empty. The drawing’s openness and sectional character make perception of the world as a fragment, as something that is started but can never be completed, into a structural principle.

Untitled, 1993
Ink drawing brush, folds on white drawing paper (reverse surface covered in black ink),
91 x 70 cm
Acquired from donations by the Deutsche Bank Frankfurt/Main, 1996

© Hanns Schimansky