Prints and Drawings


The graphic art collection comprises around 15,000 works on paper, whereby, in addition to prints, the overwhelming emphasis is on drawings. They convey the diversity of artistic standpoints and graphic art practised in Berlin from the late 19th century to the present day. The main focus of the collection is on Dada Berlin, the Eastern European avant-garde and Neue Sachlichkeit (New Objectivity). The collection also includes important holdings on second generation German Expressionism, new artistic beginnings after 1943, the ‘New Figuration’ of the 1960s, East Berlin art from the 1960s onwards, and contemporary drawings.


The emphases of the collection:

  • Expressionism
  • The Dada movement (incl. Hannah Höch)
  • Eastern European avantgarde
  • New Objectivity.

Additional important holdings of work:

  • On second-generation German Expressionism
  • New beginnings in art after 1945 (incl. Werner Heldt)
  • New Figuration of the 1960s
  • East Berlin art since the 1960s
  • Diverse forms of contemporary drawing.

The following have a special place within the collection:

  • The Feldberg Collection, named after Dr. Siegbert Feldberg, who assembled ca. 70 artists’ self-portraits in the 1920s
  • More than 250 drawings by Munich-based press artist and caricaturist Karl Arnold, who captured typical characters and scenes of Berlin life for Simplicissimus and the Münchner Illustrierte Presse, mainly during the 1920s
  • Ca. 250 drawings and watercolour works by Paul Goesch, a mentally disturbed artist who developed a fantastic visual world on paper
  • The estate of Issai Kulvianski.


Dr. Annelie Lütgens
Curator of Prints and Drawings
Tel +49 (0)30-789 02-863