Julian Rosefeldt

Living in Oblivion. Vattenfall Contemporary 2010

The Berlin-based video and film artist, Julian Rosefeldt (1965), who has now established an international reputation, has won the ‘Vattenfall Contemporary 2010’ award. The artistimpressed the jury with his lavishly produced film installations, in which he portrays paradoxand irrational aspects of everyday life with opulent imagery.The ‘Vattenfall Contemporary’ is a new version of the highly esteemed ‘Vattenfall KunstpreisEnergie’ prize for art, which has been awarded annually since 1992. In future the prize will beawarded to internationally acclaimed artists who live and work in Berlin, and will cover not justpainting and drawing but also media art, performance and sculpture. In addition to works beingpurchased for the Vattenfall collection, the award also includes an individual exhibition in themuseum and the production of an exhibition catalogue.

Jury members: Sabrina van der Ley, Director of the Galerie der Gegenwart, Kunsthalle Hamburg,Professor Jörn Merkert, Director of the Berlinische Galerie, Dr. Heinz Stahlhut, Head of the FineArts Collection, Berlinische Galerie, Udo Bekker, Vattenfall Personnel Executive and Dr. Hans-Jürgen Meyer, Vattenfall Chief Financial Officer.


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