An artists’ association for the young republic


Germany, autumn 1918. Workers and soldiers marched in protest through the streets demanding an end to the First World War and the abdication of the Kaiser – and their calls were heeded: a republic was proclaimed on 9 November. For artists, the hour had finally struck to sweep away the moth-eaten, antiquated art world and to help build a democratic society. In pursuit of this aim, proponents of the avant-garde in Berlin came together to create the Novembergruppe.

The painter Heinrich Richter-Berlin recalled the birth of this association amid the revolutionary upheaval:

“When the revolution was a few days old, a lot of people always gathered on Potsdamer Platz at midday to catch up with the latest news. Crossing the square, I bumped into Max Pechstein. He had a plan. He thought there should be a new start. I was to round up my crowd […] and he would bring Brücke. He already had a name: Novembergruppe!”

With 119 works by 69 artists, including 48 paintings, 14 sculptures and 12 models and drawings by architects, this first-ever all-round retrospective at the Berlinische Galerie marks the centenary of the best-known of all little-known creative communities and its dramatic origins.

We are pleased to invite you and your friends to the opening of the exhibition on November 8 at 7 pm.


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