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The audio guide invites you to immerse yourself in Jeanne Mammen's life and work. Based on the life and work of a dazzling personality, a multifaceted picture of the Berlin art world emerges over many decades of the 20th century.

Audioguide German, English (fee 2 €), duration approx. 60 min.


The big theatrical entertainments known as revues were hugely popular in the 1920s. In pleasure-seeking Berlin the theaters outdid each other with the latest star cast, spectacular stage sets and lavish costumes.

An indispensible feature of a revue was the dance troupe. In scanty outfits, the ‘revue girls’ added an erotic touch, high-kicking their long legs to the rhythm of the music and forming ever-new ornamental displays. They were part of a mass, standardized in appearance, not individuals. Remarkably, Jeanne Mammen’s Revue Girls shows them as just that – two women who could hardly be more different. True, they are wearing the same see-through costumes, but the strict profile view emphasizes their differences. Mammen focuses on the tired faces, pallid complexions and garishly painted lips. The actual attraction – the dancers’ long-limbed bodies – are only shown as far as their breasts. Motionless and exhausted, the ‘girls’ are standing stiffly, without a trace of sparkling glamour. Their lives consist of hard work and drill. They are only small cogwheels in the machinery of the entertainment business.
Again and again in her graphic works Mammen unmasked idealized female images. The so-called ‘New Woman’ of the 1920s was emancipated, athletic and cheeky. But that image had little to do with the reality of most women’s lives. Mammen, who as a self-employed, independent artist exemplified the prototype of the New Woman, takes a look behind the façade. She gives the revue girl in front her own features. The woman behind resembles her sister Mimi.


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