Talk mit atelier le balto

Some pictures of the talk with atelier le balto and Dr. Brigitte Franzen at the Küchenmonument.



Dinner at the Küchenmonument

Some impressions of the Dinner at the Küchenmonument on 17.09.2014: Cooking together, discussions, input from raumlabor berlin and guests.



Talk with Flussbad e.V.

Some pictures of the talk with Flussbad Berlin and Berges de Seine Paris at the Küchenmonument on 15.09.2014.



Do You Think? Workshop

Some pictures of the workshop and the dinner on 28.08.2014 at the Küchenmonument in front of the Berlinischen Galerie you can find here.



Opening Gartenparade

The Garden Parade - Gardens for the Berlinische Galerie by atelier le balto was inaugurated on 23.05.2014 with an Art Barbecue by the artist Jean-Christophe Massinon.



Long Night of the Museums 2014

The Long Night of Museums on 17.05.2014 from 4 p.m. until 2 a.m. in the Berlinische Galerie: With a special family program, tours guided by the curators, nude drawing and the presentation of the volunteers' project.



Opening Nik Nowak

Opening of the exhibition Nik Nowak. Echo. GASAG Art Prize 2014 on 10.04.2014. The sound installation "Echo", which Nik Nowak has developed for the Berlinische Galerie, actively involves visitors to the museum.



Opening Ignacio Uriarte

Opening of the sound installation Ignacio Uriarte. Counting (for) Eight Hours during the Gallery Weekend on 03.05.2014. Uriarte has created a new sound installation for the entrance lobby: The monotonous voice of a man is heard steadily counting away for eight hours.



Gallery Walk

The 'Kulturradio' Gallery Walk around the Berlinische Galerie on 05.04.2014. The Musicians of the Neue Musik Berlin chamber ensemble lead the public peek into their scores and give some listening advice.



Opening Dorothy Iannone

Opening of the exhibition Dorothy Iannone. This Sweetness Outside of Time. Paintings, Objects, Books 1959–2014 on 19.02.2014. Dorothy Iannone's work includes painting and visual narrative, autobiographical texts and films. Since the 1960s she has been seen as a pioneering spirit against censorship and for free love and autonomous female sexuality.



Music Night Vienna Berlin

Long Vienna Music Night on 10.01.2014 related to the exhibition Vienna Berlin. The Art of two cities. From Schiele to Grosz. With the ensemble of the Komische Oper Berlin.





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