Vorplatz Berlinische Galerie, Foto: Ralf Herzig (Detail)


Artworks in the environment of Berlinische Galerie

On the way to the Berlinische Galerie, along and around Alte Jakobstrasse, visitors to the museum and anyone else with an eye for art will come across a variety of outdoor sculptures and free-standing pieces. The outdoor sculptures not only extend the exhibition space; they are also ambassadors for the museum of modern art maintained by the State of Berlin, ushering new arrivals towards the entrance. Here in this public sculpture park, guests arriving from Lindenstrasse, for example, will be guided along the Strasse am Berlin Museum towards the Berlinische Galerie by a trajectory of “sign objects”: The Berlin Embassy (1996/1997) by artist Silvia Breitwieser is both a message and a mission.

Two sculptures by Rolf Szymanski stand right outside the building: Water Bearer (1981) and Black Sun Press – The Women of Messina (1969–73). They are joined by open-air exhibits such as Nobody by Micha Ullman (1990), Untitled by Pomona Zipser (1999/2000) and Tilted Donut Wedge with Two Balls by Fletcher Benton (2004). Other sculptures inviting passers-by to pause and contemplate are the memorial Page (1997) by the three Israeli artists Micha Ullman, Zvi Hecker and Eyal Weizmann and a few of Günter Demnig’s Stumbling Blocks (since 1997).

As visitors reach the Berlinische Galerie, they cannot fail to notice the Marking for Glass Warehouse (2003/2004) by architects Kühn Malvezzi, more commonly known as the Yellow Field of Letters. Here, too, is the silver steel sculpture Trinity (1993) by the husband-and-wife team Martin Matschinsky and Brigitte Matschinsky-Denninghoff. The façade itself was designed by Fritz Balthaus as Marked Space – Unmarked Space (2003/2004). In spring 2014 landscape designers Le Balto will bring their project for a garden to the immediate outdoor surroundings.