Gunter Demnig: Stolpersteine, seit 1997, Foto: Jason Kassab-Bachi, © VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2012

Gunter Demnig (* 1947)
Stolpersteine(Stumbling Blocks), since 1997

An attentive person walking around Berlin (or Cologne, Munich, and even Paris) will notice these small bronze tablets sunk into the pavement all over the city. Since 1997, they have commemorated individual victims of the persecution of Jews under the Nazis. Each one is placed in front of the door of the final home of the victim, and lists his name, the dates of his birth and death, and the location of his murder. In Kreuzberg alone there are 800 “Stolpersteine.” They were originally the idea of Gunter Demnig, an artist from Cologne. Financed for 120 Euros by private sponsors and citizen’s groups, they are mental “stumbling blocks” which, according to the artist, “allow memories to take place where the ostracism began – at the last residence.”

Stolpersteine (Stumbling Blocks)
seit 1997
Brass surface on concrete cube
10 x 10 cm
Realized with funds from Berlin citizens