Pomona Zipser: Ohne Titel, 1999/2000, Foto: Jason Kassab-Bachi, © VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2012

Pomona Zipser (* 1958)
Ohne Titel (Untitled), 1999/2000

With enormous blocks stacked on top of each other, this sculpture rises like the tower of a city wall. On top of it stands an abstract figure, expansively reaching out. If one looks closely, one notices that the whole sculpture is cast in aluminium. The work began with a small sculpture made of pieces of scrapped wood – the sculptor’s favourite technique. Then, using a common method, the sculpture was enlarged to its current size in the foundry. The result is an emblem of the city, in which ancient memories unconsciously resonate. Dynamic movement and resting stasis are juxtaposed: a man above his city

Ohne Titel (Untitled)
900 x 400 x 200 cm
Berlin Water Company