Rolf Szymanski: Black Sun Press – Die Frauen von Messina, 1969–73, Foto: Jason Kassab-Bachi, © VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2012

Rolf Szymanski (* 1928–2013)
Black Sun Press – Die Frauen von Messina, 1969–73

A volcanic, agitated body stands before us, vulnerable and without protection. The figure reaches out and pulls back in on itself; its layered and self-penetrating volumes pulse and breathe. In this sculpture, with its breasts, coils, hanging and contracting masses, and almost violent cavities, gravity is shifted upward with baroque movement. Man stands crookedly on slender legs, unsure in space. He takes his individual experiences of surging reality into his body. In his torn and tattered state, yet also with the fullness of life – in his perishable architecture of sensuous carnality – he approaches us. Formed from earth, cast in ore.

Black Sun Press – Die Frauen von Messina (The Women of Messina)
177 x 96 x 110 cm
Galerie Brusberg, Berlin 1991