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Portrait Friederike von Born-Fallois, Foto: (c) Nina Straßgütl

Friederike von Born-Fallois, Visitors' Service

What are your most important tasks?
I work at the counter and the information desk of the Berlinische Galerie. This means that I always have direct contact with our visitors. I ensure that they get their tickets and tell them about current exhibitions. In addition, I help them out with other information – for example, what other museums are located nearby or where to go out for a meal. In the case of more specialised questions, I put them in touch with the appropriate member of staff.
I am also assigned to the museum shop sometimes. Besides the sale of books and advising customers, we also have to fetch the books and catalogues from the storage area, check what new books are available for sale, and deal with book orders by telephone.

What do you particularly like about your job?
My actual tasks are similar to those in an ordinary book shop or at other information points, but in the Berlinische Galerie I particularly like the link to art. My favourite exhibition was the retrospective of works by photographer Herbert Tobias – a fascinating artist and personality. I like his photos and the fact that he always followed his heart. It is also intriguing to see just how different the visitors are: in the case of Herbert Tobias it was a very mixed public, lots of different people who were all very interested. I am quite moved every time I notice that visitors come especially to see specific paintings or sculptures, there is great interest in that. The exhibition “Soweit kein Auge reicht” with panorama photographs from the period around 1950 moved me particularly. A lot of older visitors came. After visiting the exhibition they told me about their experiences in the period when Berlin was destroyed, which was documented in the photos. Those were some very touching moments.

What has been your biggest challenge so far?
Film recordings are made frequently in the Berlinische Galerie, mainly about our current exhibitions. But once a short film was made in the context of the children's TV “The Programme with the Mouse”, and I even had a part in it. The film is called “Herr Wehrli räumt Kunst auf”. Ursus Wehrli creates books in which he “tidies up” well-known works of art, so to speak. He does it by sorting all their elements according to colour and form. He tidied up a painting for the film in the Berlinische Galerie, and I played the part of an unfriendly museum guard ‒ watching him and looking very stern.

Which object in the collection are you particularly attached to?
When you ask, my first thought is a sculpture by Hermann Nonnenmacher. It is called “Abschied/Farewell” and shows a couple. I enjoyed looking at this work even when the Berlinische Galerie was still housed in the Martin-Gropius-Building. But actually, I like to look at all the works in the museum and ask myself how the artist created them. I am particularly interested, for example, in Hans Laabs, Pia Fries and the object artist Gregor Hildebrandt. 

What are your new tasks during the closure period?
Since the museum has been closed we have had an information desk in the so-called vestibule in the entrance area. Every day we get visitors coming along who don't know that the museum is closed. Then I give them information about the reasons for the closure and some tips about the museums they might like to visit instead, and suggest generally what can be seen in the local area. I am learning a lot of new things myself in this way. Sometimes visitors who have read about artworks close to the Berlinische Galerie on the Internet come and ask me how to find them. For example, there was once a synagogue in Lindenstraße (today's Axel-Springer-Straße), and today there is a memorial site there (Zvi Hecker, Micha Ullman and Eyal Weizmann, “Blatt”, 1997). This sort of thing is really interesting, I think. However, I am sorry that we can't show any art in the museum at the moment, and I am looking forward to the reopening already.


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