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The Berlinische Galerie photo service provides photo material from the collections Fine Arts, Graphic Art, Photography, Architecture, and Artists’ Archives in order to enable public access to the collections beyond the publication of books, catalogues, or in the internet by the Berlinische Galerie.

The lending of photo material is based on the general terms and conditions of the Berlinische Galerie and applies only to a specified period of time. The order of photo material has to include the intended use of it. Does this information not agree with the real use, the permission to use the photo material will be denied. Once the publication is out the Berlinische Galerie is entitled to two free voucher copies for its archives.

The Berlinische Galerie photo service is bound to earn all costs related to the lending of photo material, such as remake (in case of damage or loss), administration, packing, and postage, by itself. For that reason the lending of photo material comprises a preparation charge. In case of damage or loss the borrower will be charged with the costs for a remake of the photo material.

Each borrower is responsible concerning the copyright of borrowed pictures. As a result of a contract between the Berlinische Galerie and the collecting society Bild – Kunst we recommend to contact
Verwertungsgesellschaft Bild–Kunst, Bonn.


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