Moriz Melzer, The Triad (Der Dreiklang), 1920
Moriz Melzer, The Triad (Der Dreiklang), 1920

Collection on the "Novembergruppe"

The "Novembergruppe" was formed in late 1918 as a reaction to the November Revolution. Its members included artists, architects, writers and composers of various stylistic tendencies such as Rudolf Belling, Hanns Eisler, César Klein, El Lissitzky, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Otto Möller, Max Pechstein, Artur Segal and Bruno Taut. Until it was banned in 1933, the group generally comprised circa 120 members, who shaped the art world in Berlin. It demanded an influence on art politics, e.g. collaboration on public building projects and involvement in the development of art legislation and the allocation of exhibition space. The members took part in the “Great Berlin Art Exhibition” and organised numerous events overlapping into fields beyond fine art, such as concerts of contemporary music or film screenings. Moriz Melzer suggested “The Triad” (Der Dreiklang) as a programmatic title for a magazine issued by the “Novembergruppe” and designed a title page which has survived.

Extensive material on the Novembergruppe can be found in the archives of Hannah Höch, Helga Kliemann and Otto Möller. In detail, this comprises correspondence between the members, designs for invitation cards or posters, exhibition catalogues, and magazines published by the group.

Moriz Melzer, The Triad (Der Dreiklang), 1920
Watercolours and pencil, 30 x 21.8 cm

Helga Kliemann Archive
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