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From September 2015

In early 2013 the Berlinische Galerie joined a programme initiated by the Federal State of Berlin to promote innovative digitisation projects in archives, libraries and museums. Grants have been made available by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), and in late 2012 an independent jury of experts selected nine model projects for implementation by September 2015.

The ERDF project at the Berlinische Galerie

Up to August 2015 the Berlinische Galerie will receive ERDF funding for MUDISA, a project to design and implement a digitisation and online access strategy for selected holdings. This will result in the roll-out of eMuseumPlus for five major areas of the collection.

The following areas have been chosen for digitisation:

DADA Berlin (papers of Hannah Höch and Raoul Hausmann)

Naum Gabo papers

Erich Salomon papers

Works of fine art

East Berlin photography archives

Apart from the great cultural significance of these holdings, one key factor in this choice was the desire to include the different genres (archived papers, photographs, prints & drawings, paintings, sculptures) so characteristic of the Berlinische Galerie’s complex collection. Moreover, the examples selected can be used to illustrate the potential and opportunities entailed by digitisation, but also to explore the questions, problems and solutions associated with the digitisation and online access of museum collections.

Holdings will be digitised on site at the Berlinische Galerie with the aid of a high-performance scanner. Parallel to this, we will be making repro-photographs of paintings, sculptures and other objects wherever we do not yet have them. At the same time, any object information relating to the Dada Berlin archives which, in the past, has only been available in printed scholarly publications will be transferred to the MuseumPlus database.

The back-up and long-term archiving for digitised copies generated during the ERDF project will be provided by the Zuse Institute Berlin (ZIB) working in conjunction with the State of Berlin’s digitisation service digiS. 

The software eMuseumPlus will serve as a basis for making these digitised holdings available online, creating a Web interface for material on the MuseumPlus database. Online access will initially take place via the Berlinische Galerie website. The next step will be to place the areas selected for digitisation on the DDB (Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek) and EUROPAEANA portals. This will open up the museum’s collection for comprehensive networked research.


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